Not Just BBQ

Smoked or Grilled Fish at Market Price

Cured Smoked Salmon –  Seasoned and slow smoked over oak wood

Grilled Salmon

Southern Fish Fry – Grillin’ Gaines Catering can help you create your own country fish fry for your loved ones.

In Tallahassee, when you weren’t holding a BBQ, then a fish fry was the way to bring family together, whether it was a church function or fundraising event, a catch of the day deep fried, pared with fried shrimp, oysters, hushpuppies, cheese grits or whatever sides we had a taste for.   Give us a call if you’re in that family together kind of mood.  -Tim Gaines-

All dishes are price a la carte.                                              


Grillin’ Gaines Catering
Tim Gaines, Grill Master